Being an Active Citizen in Bath & North East Somerset

So, what exactly is an 'Active Citizen'?

An Active Citizen is someone who decides to take an active part in working to improve the community in which they live - whether that be their local area, their city, or the world! There are many ways to do this - perhaps you are already making some changes without even realising it?

Have you…

  • Ever helped a neighbour with their shopping?
  • Taken part in a campaign to change or improve something in your area?
  • Answered a questionnaire about the quality of a public service which you receive?

Are you…

  • Involved in community events?
  • A volunteer for a charity or group?
  • A trustee, school governor or management committee member?

If you can answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, then (although you may not have realised it!) you are an active citizen.