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Benefits of employer supported volunteering for voluntary groups

Employers are increasingly seeking ways to address the growing expectation that businesses should act responsibly. The relationship between businesses and the voluntary sector have moved on, from requests for and the donation of money, to seeing the value in forming strategic partnerships, which benefit all parties involved. Business in the Community estimates that 75% of FTSE 100 companies have some form of employee volunteering programme, and the 2005 Citizenship Survey showed that 24% of employees worked for an employer who had a scheme for volunteering.

The benefits to a community group of working with business volunteers

  • improving understanding between community and business groups, which helps build partnerships
  • undertaking important work, which may not otherwise have been funded
  • raising the profile of your organisation
  • gaining an understanding of businesses and seeing a new perspective on various ways of working
  • harnessing new skills, knowledge and energy
  • feeling valued by local companies and gaining confidence to approach other supporters

Working with inVOLve (Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset)

Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset is known for supporting businesses in finding team challenges throughout Bath & North East Somerset. From a community group’s point of view, the biggest benefit to you is that our services are FREE!

A Team Challenge involves a team of business volunteers working together to achieve a
specific project for a community group, usually within one working day. These challenges ensure that community organisations can have practical projects fulfilled that they are unable to fund or achieve without a company’s support. We will work with you to develop and define an opportunity (not something you would need a qualified professional contractor to complete), find a company whose staff can complete the challenge, manage the day and provide a post challenge evaluation. We will also encourage the company to develop an ongoing relationship with you.

For an idea of the type of challenges we have done in the past see our case studies

If you are a community group based in Bath & North East Somerset and feel you would like
to work with us on a team challenge for between 10-40 individuals, please contact Mike Plows on 01225  338105 or at

Advice and guidance is also provided to community groups wanting to offer individual
employees volunteering opportunities – perhaps using their professional skills, such as website design or business mentoring. For more information please contact