Community Matters Voluntary Sector Newsletters

Are you looking for something to take to the beach this weekend to read?

Then the latest version of our newsletter (July 2016) for voluntary organisations in B&NES may be the answer - Community Matters . This month includes features about the state of the sector survey, how to make your volunteering advert standout from the crowd, managing the digital environment, and how to get help with a project you might have. 

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“To quote Gandhi: 'The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others'. For anyone who has been a volunteer, that definitely rings true. I love volunteering, I love the camaraderie.” Michael Plows

Community Matters Newsletter for June 2016

May 2016 issue of Community Matters

Here is the May issue of Community Matters - a newsletter produced by the Volunteer Centre for voluntary and community groups in B&NES. This is the text-only version - if you'd like to read the online version, which includes images, please click here.