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At the Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset, we can not only help you to find volunteers, we also offer support to help you get the most from the people you recruit.

Membership and advertising are included within the  service which we provide.

In order to benefit from our service, you will first need to become a member of Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset by completing our membership registration form:

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Membership benefits include:

  • Advertisement of your volunteer vacancies on this website and through other media, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Advertisement of all your volunteer vacancies on the Do-it national volunteering database
  • Face-to-face promotion of your opportunities through the volunteer centre
  • Regular volunteering news bulletins
  • The chance to vote at our AGM 

Tip:  Have all the information about your organisation to hand. We will need to know your mission and activities information, and contact details.

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