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Trustee Resources Page

1:  Find a local trustee: on the pull down menu on the ‘activities and interest’ select Trusteeships & Committees you will then  see the current opportunities being advertised with us

2: Advertise your role with the Volunteer Centre:

3:  NVCO trustee recruitment

4:  Trustee jobs with charities

5: Trustee week

6: Find a trustee these are national opportunities 

When clicking on these links you will get a dialog box asking if you want to proceed. All these links have been checked, so it is OK to click on “Allow” in the box to get to the site.

7:  Looking for a new local Trustee role opportunity? Click here and register, its free to see what is available in the Bath & NE Somerset area.

8: The 6 main duties of a Trustee Click here to download 'Jigsaw_square 6 essential trustee main duties.pdf' [307kb]

9: The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do (CC3) - Publications - GOV.UK

10: Use this checklist to review your charity's effectiveness at AGMs, trustee meetings, away-day discussions or planning meetings.

11: Click here to download 'Trustee Network Tim Rutherford Legal aspects slides.pdf' [846kb]

12:Click here to download 'Fundraising sources of information final.pdf' [301kb]

Following Trustee Network 5 meeting - Recruiting Volunteers and Trustees here are the

 References and Links

How to become a Volunteer Centre member (if you aren’t already) and how to register volunteer vacancies:
Volunteer Centre: Membership

Recruitment process: guidance from the Volunteer Centre on everything from the planning process and advertising through to screening and checking:
Volunteer Centre: Recruiting 

A free copy of “Nuts and Bolts” a guide to everything you should think about when engaging volunteers:
Nuts & Bolts
The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has a range of support  materials which are cheaper or free for members:
NCVO recruitment info