New to involving Volunteers

Involving volunteers for the first time, or moving towards a more structured way of volunteer management, can be a very exciting development stage. There will be many changes ahead, and it is important to take some time to consider the following:

  • Why would you like to involve volunteers?
  • What kind of tasks could volunteers carry out?
  • Is everyone on board with involving volunteers?
  • Who will be responsible for looking after volunteers?
  • Have you got the resources to involve volunteers?
  • Have you got a Health & Safety policy and sufficient insurance?

Taking the time to consider the above questions will help you to identify those areas that you have already covered and those where you may need to spend some more time on planning.

We also have a variety of downloadable templates available for you to use, which you can find in our good practice sectionOnce you are ready, simply complete your free membership, register your opportunity with us and we will get your advert online within a couple of days.