Article: the UK needs volunteers to fill gaps in pubic services

18th January 2018 - Published Date

We recently found a very interesting article on the Guardian website, looking at the serious shortage of volunteers just when they are needed the most. Below is the first part of the article; you can read the whole thing here. And please let us know what you think about it - email

"Volunteers’ Week starts on Thursday and there will be hundreds of events across the UK to showcase the contribution of volunteers to our society, from youth work in Penzance to dog rescue in Ayrshire.

"The mood will be celebratory and rightly so, but there should also be pause for thought. Volunteering does not appear to be growing, possibly at all and certainly not in the way it must if it is to go some way to filling the yawning gaps carved in our public services by austerity cuts.

'Volunteers are now running libraries, maintaining parks and staffing hospital reception desks. But how many of these public-spirited souls are new to volunteering and how many have simply switched their time and energy from other things? Does Christine’s new regular morning at the children’s centre come at the expense of her old shift at the charity shop?'