inVOLve business engagement network has just had its first anniversary

1st February 2013 - Published Date

On the 24th January 2013 the  inVOLve business engagement network was launched at the Guildhall in Bath.  There was a great turnout, made up of members of private, public and not-for-profit organisations, braved the harsh weather conditions, to take part in this exciting event. Jo Farrar, B&NES CEO said: "we are delighted to have been asked to take part in the launch of the inVOLve business network for Bath & the surrounding area. This is a very exciting initiative, that offers valuable support to our voluntary sector by making company resources available and helping employees get involved in social action"

"Staff have told us that by taking part in our annual community challenge days, it has helped to inform them about some of the things that they can get involved with in their own area. We hope that through taking part in these activities, it will encourage them to extend their involvement in their own time.  And of course, the learning and knowledge that they gain, will not only benefit themselves, but also the Council and the community"

 "Staff have commented that volunteering gives them personal satisfaction and fulfilment. They feel a sense of achievement and have obtained a new perspective on issues that do not necessarily affect them.  By helping those staff to try something new, by showcasing others involved in social action or giving them a taster of some things they could get involved with, we hope to get many more staff involved"

 "We are delighted to be part of the network as we feel it offers great potential.  Our influence together can change the behaviour of other employers in the area, inspiring them to get involved through positive social action."

Cllr Paul Crossley, Leader of the Council said "We are all faced with a wider range of challenges, and to tackle them we must try to find ways of putting people and our communities first. So I am really delighted that the Volunteer Centre are launching their inVOLve network tonight, as this represents genuine partnership working and places people at the heart of this initative.  We are aware that there are many businesses that continue to support local causes, even despite the fact that they may be facing difficult times themselves.  And it's not all about financial giving.  Our business community offers a huge asset and talent pool.  Having a network that offers support for local businesses, to help tailor resources to benefit the employer, employee and voluntary sector, is extremely powerful"

"The benefits of employee volunteering should not be underestimated.   Collectively we can support each other, inspire other employers to get involved and be ambitious in our efforts to build stronger communities"