Reaching different groups of volunteers

8th January 2018 - Published Date

We recently came across a very interesting article on the Guardian website, about how charities should be reaching out to different groups of people who could really benefit from volunteering. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"But while the benefits of volunteering are clear, there is worrying evidence that the people who could benefit most from giving their time are precisely those least likely to be involved.

There are many reasons for people not to volunteer. For older people, the barriers can include poor health, poverty, lack of skills, poor transport links, or having caring responsibilities, such as looking after grandchildren. Younger people can be deterred by feeling they don’t have the time to volunteer, or not knowing anyone else who volunteers. Many also think volunteering is just for older people with time on their hands. Volunteering has an image problem – particularly with men and younger people.

Our recent report shows that while volunteering can be a way for people to boost their personal and social resources, it also shows that people need those resources in the first place to take part."

You can read the whole article here