Volunteer Centre - the end of an era BUT the service continues

9th February 2018 - Published Date

We have been overwhelmed with the community response to our announcement of 9 January and thank all those who were kind enough to express their thanks for what the Volunteer Centre has done over the years. I will just quote extracts from three of these notes, all of which were very much appreciated:
“You should feel justifiably proud of the good work you have achieved in providing such a wide range of volunteer support.”

“You have done fantastic work over the years and your service both to volunteers and charities has been brilliant.”

“The good the VC has done over the years lives on in the many organisations you have supported and inspired.” 

As we said in our original announcement, the closure of the Volunteer Centre charity as an organisation does not mean the end of volunteering services in our area. A month after that announcement, we are pleased to confirm that many of the volunteering services we provide will continue after March. With support from Bath & North East Somerset Council and Virgin Care, our staff are being transferred to Virgin Care and plans are underway to keep as many of our services as possible for the coming year – all for the wellbeing of the Bath & NE Somerset community.

More details will be published when they are finalised.

Mike Plows
Manager, Volunteer Centre