Volunteering in B&NES - service provider change

9th January 2018 - Published Date

It is with sadness that the Trustees announce today that after many successful years of supporting voluntary work in Bath & North East Somerset, the Volunteer Centre charity is to cease operations at the end of March 2018. Importantly, however, the services we provide are set to continue under the guidance of both B&NES Council and Virgin Care. 

The Volunteer Centre has served the local community and local charities for almost thirty years, giving guidance to potential volunteers, local charities and local companies. Although there have been huge efforts from staff, volunteers and trustees, the Volunteer Centre’s financial situation means it is unable to continue beyond the end of March 2018. 

Despite this formal closure of the Volunteer Centre as an organisation, both B&NES Council and Virgin Care recognise the important contribution we make to the community. They will be working with us to ensure that our services, and the support they provide to volunteers, are continued. 

Over the years, a key source of the Volunteer Centre’s income has been a contract with the Council, which has continued at the same level under Virgin Care. This support has been supplemented by grants from a range of organisations, but our continued fundraising efforts have not generated enough funds to allow our organisation to continue beyond the end of this financial year. 

Fiona Bell, Chair of Trustees at the Volunteer Centre said:  

“As a small charity, we have increasingly found it difficult to generate the total funds needed to cover our very modest costs. Fundraising for charities like ours is always challenging, even though our work benefits the more than three hundred charities with which we work, as well as thousands of volunteers. We are very proud of what we have achieved, knowing that the community has benefited substantially from the work of volunteers as a result. 

"Thank you to all our staff, volunteers, donors and those organisations who have funded our work over the years. We would not have survived so long without the energy, enthusiasm and professionalism of our wonderful manager, Mike Plows, who has become Mr. Volunteering in B&NES. He was deservedly given a Chairman’s Special Award at the Community Awards ceremony in 2014. We also want to thank Amanda Stone, who has run our advice desk with such expertise and good humour, as well as a small army of our own volunteers. 

"We are pleased that B&NES Council and Virgin Care are keen to continue our services and we will keep all our partners updated on developments and what any changes may mean to them.” 


Volunteer Centre: Fiona Bell, Chair fiona.bell.vc@gmail.com

Volunteer Centre: David Faulkner, Vice-Chair david.faulkner.vc@gmail.com