We want your photos

12th March 2013 - Published Date

We know that there's a lot of volunteering going on out there.

There are over a three hundred opportunities to volunteer in Bath & North East Somerset.  Loads of new people each month use our services to find volunteering opportunities that help them make a difference to their local community.

Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes, some are moderating online communities, some are helping in hospitals, and some are on the board of trustees. Volunteers are making a difference in our city and the surrounding area.

Let's create a picture of volunteering in the area of Bath & North East Somerset today.

It's easy.  Next time you're volunteering, just have a friend or colleague take a digital photo of you holding up a sign with 'I'm doing it in [town name]' or 'I'm doing it at [organisation name]' written in big letters.  Wherever your doing it we want to know.

Make sure you get permission from any people in the background of your shot, and then email it along with your first name or a pseudonym to mike.plows@vol-centre.org.uk and we'll add it to the collection.  

Tell your friends, tell your family.  Tweet it; facebook status it, blog about it.  Let's show in pictures the diversity of volunteering opportunities available in the area of Bath & North East Somerset today. Let's show our communities the difference volunteers make. Send us your photos today.