Wildlife Trusts report on the effects of volunteering on mental health

5th October 2017 - Published Date

The Wildlife Trusts have published a new report which examines the effects of volunteering in nature on people’s mental health. Findings from the 12-week study, which was carried out by the University of Essex, include:

- 95% of participants who were identified as having poor levels of mental health at the start, reported an improvement in 6 weeks, which increased further over 12 weeks

- The mental wellbeing of more than two-thirds (69%) of all participants had improved after just 6 weeks.

- Improvements were greatest for people new to volunteering with The Wildlife Trusts and those who had poor levels of mental health at the start.

- Participants also reported significantly enhanced feelings of positivity, increased general health and pro-environmental behaviour, higher levels of physical activity and more contact with greenspace.

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