Would you like some cash for a good community idea?

11th August 2017 - Published Date

Following our very successful two Bath Soup Project evenings we are pleased to announce our Third event which will be held on Thursday 12th October 2017 - It is a crowd-funding event for community 

The event aims to bring together people who share a desire for a better community. The added advantage is they also get to meet people and share ideas and resources. New connections are made and it brings the community closer together, and I nearly forgot you get a delicious bowl of soup (made by Bath Foodcycle) and chuck of bread.

To find out how you could make a pitch for the door money or to be one of the crowd listening to five great community pitches then check it out by clicking here

The previous winning pitch was made by Bath Foodcycle our host for this event and we get to try-out their new saucepans which they bought with their winnings.  What would you buy if you were to win the votes this time?