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International Volunteer Managers Day - 5 November


6th September 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

International Volunteer Managers Day is just two months away now. As we gear up for another year, one of the key strategies the organising committee have adopted is to try and encourage as many individual vo...

How to get started volunteering


17th August 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

Whether you’ve got some spare time on your hands, have a desire to give back to your local community or want to exercise your skills, you might want to try volunteering.

After all, there’s a grow...

Bath City Conference


16th August 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

The Bath City Conference has been taking place since 2011 and was initially established to act as a forum for residents, communities, organisations and businesses.

Interesting case study on recruiting young volunteers


16th August 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

Voluntary Action Oldham shares how it engaged younger volunteers and developed a recruitment process to improve retention.

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