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Refresh your volunteering offer


28th December 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

Trends in volunteering 

Our friends at the NVCO have produced this really useful Webinar, if you are responsible for recruiting volunteers it worth 30 minutes of your time to watch it.


How to create a fantastic volunteering experience


28th December 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

You’ve organised your Big Clean Up and even rallied a team of passionate volunteers to your cause. You’re considering putting on a similar event regularly, and it would be ideal if some of those recruits...

Trends in volunteering webinar


22nd December 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

Watch this recording to pick up ideas on refreshing your volunteering offer, and get a head of your competitors who are also looking to recruit. 

Clink the link

Hospitals need more volunteers


22nd December 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

Twelve NHS hospitals are partnering with a new organisation aiming to double the number of volunteers in the NHS who can take on non-clinical roles in hospitals to assist stretched staff.

HelpForce is ...

A year of volunteering for students?


18th December 2017 - Publish Date Read More »

We recently came across an interesting article on the Guardian website, exploring the idea that students could fill the gap left by two-year degree courses with a year of volunteering. Our initial thoughts a...

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