"I first became interested in send a cow when my son brought home a sponsor form from school. My interest grew as i found out more and, with my husband, i began to hold awareness-raising suppers with speakers from send a cow. We then had the opportunity to go to uganda on a supporter’s study visit and that’s when i became really involved. As a teacher myself, i felt inspired by a visit to a school in uganda and was enthused to give talks at school assemblies in this country – which let pupils here know about the need of children in africa.

In the last ten years i have given talks to rotary clubs, churches, gardening clubs and of course, schools. I have been involved in fundraising activities and have even helped out at hampton court flower show and gardeners world live! I particularly enjoy the work in schools but send a cow has many areas of activity.

Send a cow has a real family feel to the organisation. I feel a deep friendship and attachment for the people i meet there. I find it quite moving to relate to other people the way lives can be changed in africa by the work the charity does.

I would thoroughly recommend volunteering to others because i feel what i am doing really makes a difference to people’s lives."

Send a cow is a christian charity started by farmers. Their practical approach gives poor families in africa the means and the skills to work their own way out of poverty. They offer training in small-scale farming and building communities as well as providing a variety of livestock. Send a cow has several volunteer roles. The volunteer ambassador attends events to promote send a cow, raising both funds and awareness.