"I am a part-time homeopath and a mum. My brother had learning difficulties from birth and I have always been interested in working with people with disabilities. When my children got older, I decided that this was the time to get more involved.

I found out about SWALLOW [an organization that supports people with learning disabilities] on the Volunteer Centre website and I was invited for an informal chat. As a result, I tried out a session in an arts and crafts class and have never left!

I really enjoy working with the members of the group. We are all very different people but we gel. I have built up very supportive relationships with the people I work with. This helps them to feel safe, be themselves and know that they are cared about. I am not particularly artistic but this role is about more than just art – it is about building confidence and self-esteem for people. It is also an excellent way to meet people and make friends. I love it!!"