"When i first came to bath, I wanted to join a community that offered friendship, warmth and a sense of belonging and i found all of that at bath abbey and it has stayed with me.

I have had a variety of roles over the years at the abbey, from choir man and church council member to my current roles as churchwarden and lay minister.

Life at bath abbey is wonderfully varied. From the great occasions – such as being presented to hm queen elizabeth ii to the other extreme of being called upon to remove a dead rat from the abbey doorstep recently!

Volunteering at bath abbey has two sides for me: belonging to a team, with the friendship and continuity that gives, but also the chance to meet interesting people from all over the world. You never know when the next heart-warming moment is coming from."

Jeremy has been volunteering at bath abbey for over thirty-five years – a measure of the contentment it gives him.