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At the Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset, we provide a range of services to help you find the volunteers that you need.

We are proud to have a comprehensive and constantly changing database of volunteering opportunities, which can be matched with the equally diverse range of skills and interests that are found in the potential volunteers using our services.

If you are seeking specialist skills to boost your organisation, you could also take a look at our inVOLve section, which is all about employer supported volunteering. 

 If you are already a member just login here:

If you havent already registered and in order to start recruiting volunteers, this is what you will need to do is follow the easy three step process:

Step 1

Become a member of Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset by completing our membership registration form:

Step 2

Register and advertise your roles  To advertise your roles you will need to register or log in to Volunteer Connect. This is a service offered by the Volunteer Centre for community groups, charity, non-profit or public sector organisations. 

For instructions for managing your volunteering roles on our database click here 

Step 3

Once your vacancies online we will publicise them via our social media channels - Facebook and Twitter.

Finding the right volunteers is just the start

With over 25 years of experience behind us, we understand that finding a volunteer is only the start of your journey. This is why we also offer to provide you with advice on good practice and produce our regular newsletter updates. You can also look for advice in our Good Practice Guides section.