Want to volunteer?

If your employer is already an inVOLve Bath member, we can help them to take part in volunteering projects with local community and charity organisations. If you would like to find out how your organisation can join the network, contact Mike Plows - email mike.plows@vol-centre.or.uk or telephone 01225 338105.

How we can help

We will help you identify volunteering projects that suit you and your team's interests; we will introduce you to a suitable charity/community organisation and support you as needed, to develop all the resources necessary to have a great time and successfully make a positive difference in your local community. 

Did you know...?

There are several ways that you can volunteer!


If volunteering on your own, you can, for example: become a mentor, a trustee, support a charity with a bespoke piece of communication, provide financial or HR expertise


As a team, you have the strength of numbers and can tackle a specific larger challenge in one day; eg help transform a charity's marketing strategy or run a big workshop with a school


Rotas have the advantage of longevity, eg long-term support for an after-school club. Children benefit from seeing regular faces while you and your team can take turns and exchange tips


Practical projects usually require a team and can be just what a charity or community organisation needs; eg painting a room, a flat, or doing some gardening

Skills-based volunteering projects are fantastic opportunities for teams or individuals to bond, develop new skills, gain new insights into each others' skill-sets, eg employability workshops