Volunteer Charter & Good Practice

Good practice in volunteer involvement

As a Volunteer Centre we are here to support organisations to involve volunteers successfully. Volunteering is a two-way process, which benefits both the volunteer and the organisation. This can best be achieved when working in line with good practice guidelines.

Good practice involves having robust structures and processes in place, which should be easy to follow for both your staff and volunteers. Some basic good practice principles include:

  • Providing your volunteers with a written clear role description
  • Providing a good induction to volunteers
  • Having a named person responsible for your volunteers
  • Treating your volunteers in line with Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety guidelines
  • Giving your volunteers ongoing support and training where needed
  • Paying out of pocket expenses such as travel and lunch where possible

Volunteer Charter

As part of our commitment to promoting, developing and supporting good practice in volunteer management, we adhere to a Volunteer Charter. This includes the basic principles of good practice in volunteer management and sets out the minimum standards that organisations and groups should have in place when involving volunteers in order to achieve this.

Good practice standards covered by the Volunteer Charter include:

  • Equality Statement
  • Written Role Description/s
  • Planned Recruitment Process
  • Organisation Induction Procedure
  • Named Person for Supervision/Support
  • Volunteer Expenses Policy and Procedures
  • Flexible and Supportive Working Environment
  • Organisational Involvement of Volunteers
  • Volunteer Complaints Procedure
  • Reward and Recognition
  • Volunteer References

The Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset will, where possible, provide support and advice to organisations and groups to enable them to develop their volunteer programmes, improve their management and support of volunteers, and achieve the aims of the Volunteer Charter.