Ways and places to recruit volunteers

 Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset of course

Printed and electronic newsletters

  • Community, faith, school and neighbourhood newsletters
  • Professional association and club bulletins
  • Employee news sheets

Posters and leaflets

Display in doctor's surgeries, libraries, launderettes, colleges and universities, places of worship and on community notice boards

Local and national newspapers

You can pay for adverts but for free publicity you may get human interest stories about how volunteers are involved in your work and how they have personally benefitted published.  Don't forget to include contact details for anyone reading it who is interested in volunteering with you.  Try linking your story to a national awareness day/week or a current local issue that has been featured.

Social networking sites

See Volunteer Genie for information about how to use social networking sites and online communities to advertise your opportunities.

Word of Mouth

  • Encouraging current volunteers and staff to tell friends and family
  • Personal contact through networking opportunities (many people do not volunteer because no-one ever asked!

Talks and presentations

  • To clubs, societies and special interest groups
  • Pre-retirement seminars at local employers

Community Festivals and events

Having a stall at a local event is a great way to raise the profile of your work and recruit volunteers

Employee Volunteering

Team challenges and employer supported time off to volunteer (see list of local contacts)

National volunteering events and campaigns

Link advertising your opportunities to events such as


  • Volunteering section on your own website
  • Do-it the national volunteering database (Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset can register your opportunities for you).

Many will post basic free ads and charge for more content