What is inVOLve Bath?

"InVOLve is the professional provider of creative Employer Supported Volunteering
solutions. The projects undertaken make a positive community impact while
providing effective corporate community involvement and team development

About us

InVOLve Bath is a partnership, enabling private, public and voluntary sector organisations to work together to deliver effective Employer Supported Volunteering (EVS). InVOLve Bath is run by the Volunteer Centre Bath & North East Somerset, itself a charity, with an organisational mission to ‘transform lives through volunteering'. We offer a free brokerage and advice service to assist local business leaders to find volunteer opportunities for themselves, their staff and their colleagues. InVOLve facilitates employer supported volunteering projects, with a particular focus on sharing time and talents.

We have excellent relationships with the local voluntary and community sector, which can be invaluable to local businesses. Whether you require some ad hoc support to help you get inVOLved or are interested in looking at a strategic approach to ESV, we will match your specific employer supported volunteering needs to meet key local priorities.

Projects will:

  • be challenging and make a difference for all parties
  • meet a real need for the organisation
  • be fun and a bit different
  • be clear, achievable and well defined
  • provide potential for large-scale team-based activities, requiring concerted planning, resource and support from the voluntary involving organisations
  • be programme-based individual opportunities, ie primary school reading, community mentoring
  • be near/accessible to the place of work
  • be available to be undertaken on the way to and from work and during lunch times
  • take less than an hour on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis (can be done in the lunch hour)
  • offer a range of 'brain and brawn'